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Boodhari Mills  is a company with a bold vision driven by the Somali professionals from the Diaspora.  We are tackling food security in Somaliland by establishing a flour mill and animal feed facility while spearheading a green revolution to feed the Somali people.   Boodhari Mills  is sustainable development in the Somali Peninsula.


Welcome to Opportunity!

Boodhari Mills operates A modern  flour mill in Somaliland (Abaarso),  Phase one has been completed and will officially start production in Sept.2021.  The combined market size of Somaliland and Somalia is 360 million dollars (usd) per year with exports to the neighboring countries in East Africa with more than 100 million people.

Additionally the project will produce substantial quantity of animal feed to sell to the local somali livestock owners which is estimated to be 40 million animals in the Somali Peninsula. 

The horn of Africa markets are untapped and you are at the right place to explore this opportunity for a limited time only.

Sourcing a portion of the wheat from local farms and forming strategic partnerships with the communities is a competative edge in the market while contributing to sustainable development in rural area.


Local wheat sources increase profits

We are currently engaged with some of the farming communities by offering seed and the right amount of fertilizer to grow grain.  In return Boodhari Mills buys back the wheat at a lower price than global prices..

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Boodhari Mills core value is to work and give back to the communities we operate in.  We are a company united in providing better food quality at an affordable price, with the intention for long term sustainable milestones in food security.  We love to hear from you!

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Abaarso: Facility Opened on Aug.30th.2021

Boodhari Mills has commenced the construction of the flour mill and animal feed facility on Oct.2018 and Opened the facility August.30.2021

Boodhari Mills Partnership

Our sister company Roob Roon will be launching large scale commercial wheat farming using modern Ag science to produce 24 000 tons of wheat annually to be sold to Boodhari Mills and other mills in the horn of Africa. Roob Roon is open for investment  just visit  


Yes! Waan Xiisaynayaa Fursadan

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