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Welcome to Opportunity!

You are invited to participate in the  opportunity to build the first modern Somali flour mill in Somaliland (Abaarso), ama warshada burka daqiiqda. The mill has the capacity to produce more than 48,000 tons of premium quality flour per year (final expansion phase). The combined market size of Somaliland and Somalia is 360 million dollars (usd) per year.

Additionally the project will produce substantial quantity of animal feed to sell to the local somali livestock owners which is estimated to be 40 million animals in the Somali Peninsula. Animal feed is currently imported from the emirates at a cost of $500 per ton.

Both of these markets are untapped and you are at the right place to explore this opportunity for a limited time only.

Sourcing a portion of the wheat from local farms and forming strategic partnerships with the communities is a competative edge in the market both on returns and contributing to sustainable development in rural area.

Local wheat sources increase profits


We are currently engaged with some of the farming communities by offering seed and the right amount of fertilizer to grow grain.  In return Boodhari Mills buys back the wheat at a lower price than global prices..

Gabiley Area

Iskaashato ka kooban beeralayda iyo maamulada deegaanka iyaa soo gaba gabeeyey beeritaanka qamadiga oo dhan 2000 acre.  Taas oo warshadu ka iibsandoonto Iskaashatada.



Deegaanka Daadmareen


Climate Change and Somali Food Security

Abaarso: Construction has begin Oct.2018
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Boodhari Mills has commenced the construction of the flour mill and animal feed facility this Oct.2018.  Location is Abaarso instead of Berbera which has higher electricity needs as a result of high humidity index on coastal areas, and the fact that retail market is inlands. Boodhari Mills is relying on certain percentage of the grain to be sourced locally which improves bottom line performance.  Abaarso is more strategic as it is closer to fertile agricultural lands.

Hambalyo Wasaarada Horumarinta Beeraha Somaliland
Boodhari Agri Science

Boodhari Mills Somaliland has been busy in Somaliland's agricultural fields.  The company took representative soil samples from more than 4000 acres of land to determine fertilizer input requirements, and soil moisture parameters for the production of large quantities of wheat. The soil analysis lab results were positive for Boodhari Mills Somaliland and preperation for wheat field trials are under way at the present time.  This is part of the co-operative farming initiative Boodhari Mills is spearheading with local rural farming communities in Somaliland.

Boodhari Mills is committed to working with Odwayne and Daadmareen Valley communities. A win-win.

Construction Site Kickoff

Adeegso foomka hoos ku yaal soona dir si aad u hesho macluumaad sugan ka qayb qaadshada Boodhari Mills Somaliland

Boodhari Mills oo booqday warshad kale oo Canada ku taal Brant Flour Mills. Waa warshada labaad ee Canada ugu cimriga dheer oo jirta in boqol sano ka badan.

Faaiidada Maalgashiga
Faah Faahinta Mashruuca
In  Depth Look at Boodhari Mills
Suaalo iyo Jawaabo