Suaalaha iyo Jawaabaha

FAQs - coming soon

Yaa kadanbeeya shirkada asaasayaasha ama maamulka sare/who is/are the founder(s) of Boodhari Mills Somaliland?

yaa ka qayb qaadan kara fursadan/Who is this opportunity open to?

Qiimaha ugu yar een kaga qayb gali karo waa imisa/What is the minimum ammount I can put in?








Fadhiga Boodhari Mills waa Halkee/Where is Boodhari Mills Operating in Somaliland?

Markaan soo maalgashado sideed ii la soo xiidhiidhaysaan? If I commit to your company proposition, how do I get information as for updates?

© Boodhari Mills Somaliland 2018 


Head Office: Hargeysa Mansoor Hotel, Dabaqa 3aad

Tel. +252 63 339 1288   



Managing Director:

All future financial projections are based on the current project feasability plan, and actual results can vary.  Please consider your local jurisdiction, regulations when committing to this project. The Somali Diaspora is dispersed around the globe and Boodhari Mills can only convey information pertaining to the project in Somaliland and Somalia. Do Not Commit funds that you need for your daily living. 

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